96th Street and Gray Road Roundabout

This project is the reconstruction of the existing signalized intersection at 96th Street and Gray Road. The project will replace the existing traffic signal with a 4-leg, multi-lane roundabout. The project will consist of new curb and gutter, modification to the existing storm system, updating pedestrian connectivity with multi-use paths, updating the existing signage and pavement markings, and new street lighting. The project is anticipated to be built in phases allowing for 96th Street to remain open for east and west vehicular connectivity. There will be limited north south connectivity during construction in Summer of 2019 (75 days +/- weather and utilities depending). Expected partial closures on or after May 28th.


This project experienced significant delays as a result of unforseen storgae tanks burried below the surface within the construction limits. This roundabout is expected to be complete mid-October 2019.

For up-to-date information about this specific project, read the news release(s) from the City of Carmel below: