College Avenue Reconstruction

Beginning on, or after April 1, N. College Avenue reconstruction will begin with a closure of the southbound lane between the I-465 overpass and E. 104th Street to relocate the water main and construction of new storm water collection. This work will continue through July 2024. Meanwhile, private utilities may be working in the easements and the right-of-way, relocating utility lines along both east and west sides of N. College Avenue.

Reconstruction of the northbound lane will begin later this summer with continued work on infrastructure on the east side of the road. During this phase, access will only be open for southbound traffic and limited access to Pennsylvania Parkway will only be maintained for southbound traffic on N. College Avenue during this phase of work. The reconstruction of the northbound lane is expected to be substantially complete and open to traffic Winter 2024.

March 2025 begins with the reconstruction of the west side of N. College Avenue with a closure of the southbound lane of N. College Avenue between E. 106th Street and I-465.  Expect deconstruction of the road, infrastructure work, as well as the west side of the roundabout at Pennsylvania Parkway, and reconstruction of the southbound lane. The northbound lane will remain open on the new road during this phase of construction and there will be no access to Pennsylvania Parkway from N. College Avenue during this phase of work. Access to Pennsylvania Parkway will be maintained from the west during all phases of construction of N. College Avenue.

In late summer 2025, the southbound lane reconstruction will begin. After the opening of both northbound and southbound N. College Avenue lanes, N. College Avenue will be closed (open to local traffic only for area businesses) at Parkwood Drive for the construction of a roundabout intersection for approximately 60 days. Under the full closure of this intersection, the roundabout is expected to be completed in late 2025. 

In early 2026, the reconstruction of the E. 96th Street and N. College Avenue intersection into a roundabout will begin. This will involve the closure of the intersection for approximately 60 days.

Alternative and detour routes for N. College Avenue include U.S. 31, Keystone Parkway, E. 106th Street and E. 96th Street.