Monon Boulevard construction and new Midtown Plaza

The city built the new Monon Boulevard that transformed the existing 12-foot wide path into a multi-faceted 140-foot wide right-of-way section that included new dedicated lanes for cycling, buffer zones, sidewalks, green spaces, one-way streets with additional parking on either side of the trail and a new Midtown Plaza at Elm Street near the Allied Solutions corporate headquarters.

The expanded trail serves a rapidly growing Midtown redevelopment area where the city is partnering with private developers to create a new, vibrant corridor connecting our City Center and Arts & Design redevelopment districts, which includes a mix of offices, restaurants, retail and residential units in what was once city's primary industrial area. In addition, the plans call for neighborhood green spaces, additional trees, arts plazas, community benches, kiosks, spray plaza, bocce ball court, connections to popular destinations and the Midtown Plaza that features bicycle parking, public art, outdoor café spaces and other features. Plans called for work to begin by July of 2017.

The estimated cost of the Monon Boulevard and Midtown Plaza projects ranged from $20 million to $23 million, which came from a variety of sources including bonds and developer commitments. This project was substantially complete December of 2019 with additional work followed through Summer of 2020.

For any specific questions about this project please contact the City of Carmel Department of Engineering (317)571-2400 .

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