Range Line Road from 136th Street to US 31

The Range Line Road project included constructing a roadway boulevard with a 5 foot sidewalk to the east side and 8 foot multi-use path along the west side. The project began at the north approach of the roundabout of 136th Street and extended north including a roundabout just south of US 31 (roundabout completed by Hamilton County in 2020). The existing curb lines at the 136th Street roundabout were modified to eliminate the damaging effects of trailer off tracking. In addition to the standard drainage improvement associated with a curb and gutter roadway, a box culvert was installed north of the Little Cool Creek bridge along the west side of the roadway and discharges into Little Cool Creek east of the existing bridge. This improvement will eliminate over the road flow and help reduce flooding during large rainfall events. Street lighting was installed throughout the limits of the project. Finally, the roadway surface of Range Line Road was milled and overlaid between 6th St NW and the south approach to the 136th Street roundabout. A

Additional work by Hamilton County Highway Dept. April 2020: Roundabout construction connecting Lowes Way and Range Line road. More information at Hamilton County Website

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