Smoky Row Road Reconstruction

This project is the reconstruction of the current two-lane road into a boulevard with a landscaped median, new curbs, storm water collection, multi-use paths, new bridges on Smoky Row and on the Monon Greenway, north of Smoky Row. In addition, a new roundabout will be built at the west end of the project limits on Smoky Row.

This work is scheduled to be substantially completed before the end of the year 2022. Limited access will be maintained on Smoky Row winter/spring of 2022-2023, except for full closure during the construction of the new roundabout at the west end of the project limits on or after April 1, 2023. We hope to have east west vehicular conectivity reengaged for a period before the construction the roundabout, starting on or after January 20, 2023. Local traffic will be maintained for those who reside within the project limits thoughtout the course of the project..

Alternate routes and detours: Old Meridian,  West Main Street, Range Line Road, Keystone Pkwy, City Center

UPDATE: Smoky Row - Outreach Letter November 2022

Over the next 6-8 weeks you should expect to see above grade work progressing. To date, most of the utilities (Centerpointe, Duke, Carmel Water) have been resolved and relocated. Some of the Communications providers have relocated and the storm pipe has been placed in its location. The Monon bridge over Cool Creek as well as the Smoky Row bridge have been removed. The stabilization of the subgrade is being scheduled and the forming of the bents for the bridge on Smoky are taking place. Regional cement shortages are negatively affecting progress, but the contractor is still working with the City to achieve the roadway opening before the year’s end. The roundabout will begin on or after April 1, 2023. This project is still on track to be substantially complete late Spring of 2023.

Because of utility delays and supply chain issues, the projected timelines have been seriously compromised. We would expect to have the road open in December, but will look to do a scheduled closure in the Spring to build the roundabout to the west end of the project limits. Getting the roadway reconstructed and the bridge on Smoky Row reestablished are the contractor’s top priorities. The closure on the Monon Greenway (north of Smoky Row) will be in place until Spring dependent on the asphalt production season. Working through the aforementioned delays is a day-by-day situation that is beyond the control of the contractor or the City of Carmel.

Should you have questions, please email for assistance. Thank you for your patience while we work to improve our community.